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Ali Banisadr 2009 “The Gatekeepers” photo by Jeffrey Sturges

ApplePay and AliPay are so close but so far away

ApplePay & AliPay are the big lords of the new age of payments, and so it is worth to take a closer look on the what’s, how’s and why’s.

Through this article we will try to delve into how differently, the two big payment platforms, approach the markets and finally what the outcome is up to now.

For our study we will focus on platform’s origin markets (USA, China) as for those jurisdictions we have more “mature” quantitative and qualitative data.

Mobile payments it’s a really bull market for both…

Why K-shaped recovery pattern

Because of this Covid-19 health crisis everything around has changed. Schooling, studying, enjoying, buying, working becomes a virtual and indoor activity. Consumer’s attention heads to different type of product/services and distribution channels.

As a result, organizations and overall financial markets were seriously affected.

Organizations already take particular actions, trying to survive to the new normal.

Governments, Institutions, Organizations and Financial markets experts are looking to the next day and trying to explore and make predictions regarding the Recovery Patterns of this unprecedented condition.

L, U, V, W — shaped recovery paths, are the most common predictions/proposals…

Fintech is a vertical which has seriously been affected by Covid-19.

According to McKinsey research, after almost six months (July 2020) of Covid-19 precaution actions and lockdowns, we observe Fintech’s investment drop of 44% in Europe and 18% globally.

If we compare those numbers with a previous growing rate of 25% (since 2014) then we can easily understand that something big is happening.

Profitability remains a major challenge for Fintechs, especially for those who are still not profitable and thirsty for new money. Innovation iterations are focusing primarily on new markets, new customers, new products, with loose monetization and profit…

During those first months of 2020 we are struggling with a ground breaking situation. The Coronavirus pandemic challenges our personal life behaviors and business environmental rules. As in any crisis, a lot of opportunities and threats emerged simultaneously

By this article we are trying to highlight a considerable shift, in big technology platforms strategy, that will ‘come to stay’ in post-coronavirus era

There have been a lot of discussions about ‘flattening the curve’ of the coronavirus upsurge and control the pace of spread, in order to protect the stability of our healthcare systems and finally shield our social prosperity itself.

Coronavirus, Quarantine, Social Distancing, are new terms, that have seriously affected our personal and professional life.

This article, attempts to examine how organizations have reacted to this crisis so far, in order to protect their profitability or in some cases, their existence itself.

Ever since governments and organizations realized that COVID-19 is a pandemic, they took actions in a “panic mode”. Remote working, workforce decrease, supply chain protection and government support programs were the first in line.

If we exclude particular verticals, like food retail, in most of the markets we did observe seismic effects, even from the early stages…

Spanos George

Experienced to design & deploy innovative and of high social impact digital strategies (i.e. platforms, products) and to nurture their accompanied ecosystems.

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